Felicita Back Home

Did you know that there are some Italian towns that have more citizens registered at AIRE (Italian Registry of Italians Resident Abroad) than in Italy? The depopulation of some villages was so intense that today their young people are mostly found abroad. But how to get in touch with these third, fourth and sometimes fifth generation Italian descendants?

We tackled this issue very carefully during the long months of the pandemic, working together with Tony Malizia from Toronto and Gary Vitti from Los Angeles and the mayor of their village of origin, the volcanic Riccardo Frattaroli from Settefrati.

The young descendants follow other aggregative logics, shun traditional Clubs and find themselves above all in the digital world. Imagining a rebirth of Settefrati with a project of communication and reconnection with these young people, we have created a format for a reality show that we have entitled Felicita Back Home, where Felicita is a tribute to Santa Felicita - the mother of the seven brothers of Settefrati - and Back Home it is the return home of all the children of the emigrants of many years ago.

We have registered the television format, and all its connections with other social networks, and now we continue our searching for Town Ambassadors and selecting towns for the television project.

For more information you can read our article:

 Felicita Back Home Young Edition


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