About us

The Town Ambassador Award is a project created by the Discoverplaces portal and its founder Claudia Bettiol, to respond to the need of 3rd and 4th generation od Italian descendants to reconnect with their distant roots.

A need that is very much alive in our communities that still celebrate this bond with Emigrant Festivals. But today, due to cultural and linguistic differences, traditional festivals fail to meet the real need that unites Italians with their descendants: that of forming a new community. The need to create a real connection and build new cultural bridge that can bring these descendants back to their town of origin, making them rediscover the culture of their ancestors and the emotions of the real Italian Lifestyle.

Premio Town Ambassador

The Town Ambassador Award is not only a recognition, it is an opportunity for new collaborations between countries and for local companies.

Our project and its applicability is in line with one of the focus points within "PROJECTS OF CULTURAL AND SOCIAL REGENERATION OF SMALL HISTORIC VILLAGES" a funding of the Ministry of Culture within the PNRR of 1,020 billion euros, of which 20 million euros are allocated exclusively to projects that deal with the "Tourism of the roots" (https://cultura.gov.it/borghi).
The Town Ambassador Award is therefore an essential and replicable project, by and in all municipalities that need to be reborn thanks to these precious links.

We at Town Ambassador play the active role of cultural mediators. We are the creators of the Town Ambassador Festival format and help the growth of local organizers. We help municipalities to connect with their Italian citizens abroad and to present and promote themselves in the right way in order to create a solid and lasting bond with their descendants abroad. We help Italian descendants to research the history of their family of origin.
All this thanks to a bilingual and multicultural team.


The committee that selects the applications is made up of some prestigious members recognized for their work as intercultural mediators by the international communities and local administrations involved.


Would you like to become a Town Ambassador?

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