Town Ambassador ®

The Town Ambassador Award is a recognition created by Discoverplaces to reward those who have lovingly maintained ties with their town.
An entire section is dedicated to Italian descendants abroad who every day build intercultural bridges and lovingly promote their Italian roots. The Town Ambassador is a registered trademark ®.

Metropolitan City of Rome

A Town Ambassadors Network for small villages around Rome

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Town Ambassadors Club

Town Ambassadors come from every continent in the world.

Town Ambassadors Meetings

The Town Ambassadors Club gathers all the award winners and organizes an annual meeting at a university to pass on the Town Ambassadors’ experiences to young people and to meet the world of researchers.

European Researchers' Night at Gaeta: Claudia Bettiol and Enzo Salera, Mayor of Cassino

Last Event: Gaeta

As part of the European Researchers' Night, in the beautiful Castle of Gaeta, Diego Colledara led us to discover the role that Town Ambassadors can play in the development of smaller territories with words that touched the hearts.
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